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Clutter-Free Pantry Ideas To Implement Today

Experts suggest that the spaces in which we live have a direct impact on our holistic wellbeing. If we operate from a place of chaos and clutter, we may unwillingly become overwhelmed by our environment. Serene, organised environments promote productivity and help us think more rationally – and this is always ideal in the kitchen pantry.

Think about it – a beautiful clutter-free and organised pantry is a great place from which to plan and start incredible meal times! Here we share some great tips for keeping your pantry in tip top condition!

Open Shelves:

Keep things simple with open shelving so that you can easily spot any possible ingredient and product with ease. This way you can also keep a tab on expired goods and keep your pantry updated with new, fresh stock on a regular basis.

Keep an inventory:

Check your stock often and replenish as needed. Move older products to the front of the queue so that you don’t forget about them on the back of the shelves. This was you will be less likely to have good expire.


Invest in a variety of practical storage solutions, whether baskets, plastic containers or tins. Choose storage that you can easily access and that you can mark accordingly. For a more stylish pantry finish, invest in matching storage containers to complement your overall design scheme.


Label everything:

Keep labels on all your products. There are many free label printables available online to help you mark and label all your pantry items. Remember to include expiry dates on your labels and dates that you have opened goods.

Maximise the space:

If you’re using an open cupboard or corner in the kitchen, perhaps it would be best to invest in customised cabinetry to suit the space. Think wrap-around cupboards, pull-out drawers or even wire shelving for maximum storage.

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