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Jul 22, 2018

Best Kitchen Trends of 2018 with Caesarstone

Caesarstone brings us all the latest kitchen trends of the season in their new book ‘Caesarstone Kitchen Trends’. From lifestyle and cultural trends through to surface treatments and finishes, this book offers a look at the four trends that shape the design scene of 2018.

Let’s take a closer look at the four key trends:

TIMELESS CLASSIC: In a time of blurring boundaries, this trend returns to ancient formulas of ideal proportions and explores historic references to redefine perfection. The result is a fresh, timeless aesthetic, achieved by thoughtful and refined designs that renew Modernism.

URBAN INDUSTRIAL: This trend sees how the serious industrial aesthetic is taking an experimental and playful stance: heavy construction materials will be softened by light, feminine tints, and fanciful constructions will add a fun element to rough silhouettes.

CALM LUXE: Our world is moving faster than ever and time comes in short supply, so we pare back to the essential to make room in our minds, lives and homes. This is an acutely minimal direction, elevated by careful details and high-quality finishes.

WILD LIVING: In an attempt to more meaningfully connect with the off-screen world, ancient crafts and natural materials are combined with technological advances. We bring the outdoors indoors, via lush vegetation or textured finishes. An answer to our longing for tactility.

With the kitchen rated as the space with the most financial value in today’s homes, its design has never been more important. The current culture of sharing asks for more and more convivial spaces, and kitchen islands are increasingly designed for social connection where all members of the household can practice different activities together in the same environment.

Urban Industrial Kitchen Caesarstone

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Timeless Classic Kitchen

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