Kitchen Must Haves Inspired By The City Of Love

Paris is the city of love, fine wine, and decadent French cuisine. According to The Every Girl we can learn a few vital lessons from Parisians who are renowned for their continuous love affair with food.

The key to French cooking lies in the simplicity of the ingredients. Parisians rarely stray from cooking with their basics, and the inside of their fridges always looks the same. Meals are flavorful because of their full-fat dairy and fresh-out-the-oven bread, and consist of effortlessly small proportions that are filling because of the wholeness of their ingredients. Following on from this trend, here are a few vital kitchen must haves and staples you need in your kitchen, as inspired by the French:

1. Egg Cartons Are Always Full It is important to never clutter the small, Parisian refrigerator with eggs (that precious space is for more important things like cheese and open wine bottles). As such, they typically place their egg cartons on the countertop or window sill. In contrast to American brunches made up of Benedicts and omelettes, you’d rarely find a Parisian eating eggs for breakfast. Instead, it is the basis for lunch and dinner, whether it’s hardboiled and sliced with cheese and mayonnaise in a sandwich, or fried and eaten with veggies for a quick dinner.

2. At Least One Baguette Is Always Out On The Table If you’re a real Parisian, you’ll know to ask for tradition baguette at the boulangerie, which, for some reason, is always crisper and fresher than the regular baguettes. It goes without saying that the only bread a Parisian would ever eat was made the day she buys it. To Parisians, it is a ridiculous idea to think that bread would ever be bought processed or sliced.

3. Dijon Mustard Is The Simplest Secret It is easily spread on a slice of baguette for a zesty snack or mixed with olive oil for a salad dressing that even makes lettuce taste delicious.

4. Olive Oil Is a Must! Olive oil happens to be loaded with heart-healthy fats, but what Parisians care about most is that it tastes great in all their food and can be used to fix many cooking woes.

5. Fromage Needs Little Introduction Walking down any street in Paris will make you understand how seriously they take their cheese. Fromageries are all over Paris, and each has a serious selection of the best cheeses you probably will ever eat. Different cheeses are eaten for different meals, and Parisians know which ones to pair with what food and what wine. Learning how to eat and pair cheese is as important as learning your ABCs. Feeling more like a Parisian now?

For this and other great ideas inspired by the city of love, read the full article at The Every Girl.   Here are our must haves

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3. Garden Shop Ceramic Planters

4 Block and Chisel Janice Counter Table

5. Rebtex

6. Garden Shop on Line Lavender Margaret Roberts

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