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Classic & Contemporary Kitchens with Curves & Bevels

Curves & Bevels Designer Kitchens was founded in 1997 by Gerhard and Nolene Strydom, who built the brand around planning and creating lavish kitchen designs and other built-in cupboard products, custom-made and manufactured by Curves & Bevels.

Specialising in curved cabinetry and supplying a product known for its superior quality, Curves & Bevels has tagged the slogan “Masters of the Curve”. Expanding on the brand, Curves & Bevels now also offer exclusive services in kitchen design and space planning.

Curves & Bevels kitchen designers understand the importance of an attentive ear for the customer’s design needs and are connoisseurs in the integration of aesthetic appeal and ergonomic functionality.

“We are committed to bringing you the best product to the very last detail of your kitchen or built in cupboards. That is why we make it our business to understand your needs, ensuring the highest standards and a pleasurable experience in buying your kitchen.”

Marked by an indelible elegance, Curves & Bevel are experts in designing kitchens that suit both a classic and contemporary style. One of their recently designed spaces boasts a striking shape-matched bulkhead with a curved island that spatially divides the open-plan kitchen and dining area while creating a central feature. The vernacular design of this kitchen in particular is supported by multi-layered textures and colours, a play between cherry veneer and cream high-gloss, bringing the area to life while portraying an eclectic feel between the symmetry of contemporary and elegance of classic. Paramount to any home, the kitchen sets the scene for entertaining with style, playing part in an experience not to be forgotten.

The process followed by Curves & Bevels Designer Kitchens ensures a pleasant experience in the purchase of your kitchen and other built-in cupboards.

Applying a holistic approach, they supply effective kitchen designs arising from a concerted process in design innovation and delivery, from the first presentation right through to the execution of the project.

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