Keep It Clean: Tips for a Healthier Refrigerator

Your fridge is probably the coolest place in your home but in order to keep it cool, calm and collected, you need to keep things clean and in order. Here we share some useful tips to help you maintain a clean and healthy fridge.

Set the temperature Be sure to check that your refrigerator’s temperature is set correctly at 5 degrees or below. This will help your food stay fresher for longer! Separate food in drawers Keep your various staples in different fridge drawers to avoid cross-contamination. That is, keep fruit, meat and veggies separate.

Toss out the old Be sure to check the expiry dates of those bottled goods you have stored in the back of the fridge. Toss out any old or expired goods and make room for fresher produce. Clean out the freezer It’s easy to freeze goods and then completely forget about them. Be sure to label all your frozen goods with the date and name of product for ease of access in the freezer.

Storing the right things The back of your fridge is often the coldest spot – use it to store perishables that need an extra cool space. On the other hand, the inside of your fridge door is the warmest spot, so use it to store condiments and not things that may perish more easily. Wipe down regularly Be sure to clean out your fridge drawers and shelves weekly.

Wipe down with warm soapy water and be sure to give it a deep clean every so often. Door frame Be sure to clean the rim of your door frame which is a culprit for collecting dust and grime. Use a soapy cloth to clean off any visible dirt and be sure to incorporate this area into a monthly deep cleaning of your fridge. Stay happy and healthy with a clean fridge!

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