Italian Lifestyle: Gift Ideas For A Glamorous Kitchen

Spoil yourself or your loved one with something extra special that will continue to bring joy in the kitchen. We’ve rounded up some of our top kitchen gift ideas from renowned brand Italian Lifestyle. Bring glamour to your kitchen with these versatile and ever-stylish appliances! 

Vera: Electronic Kettle

Vera in stainless steel 18/10 is an intelligent and elegant cone-shaped electronic kettle with a sophisticated water temperature regulation system and a timer that informs you when to have a break. A special electronic control allows the kettle to reach the desired water temperature (between 45°C and 100°C) to guarantee an efficient preparation of every hot drink.

authentic heat pure-design

Functions include a timer that sets kettle operation and can beeasily programmed for your coffee or your tea break. And thanks to the clock function, it also shows the current time. In stainless steel 18/10, the kettle combines high performances to high quality materials, remaining simple to use with a connection to the base that permits easy use from any position.

Vera: Easy Kettle

Vera Easy is pure design. The elegant and slender shape makes it a perfect object to be inserted into domestic spaces. The volume combines cone and ellipse, giving dynamism and personality. Simple to use: the lid opens through a light touch, the body is 360° movable, on the handle, there is a window that allows one to check the water level. Made of 18/10 stainless steel it also has a removable anti-limestone filter.

Volo: Toaster

Volo is an innovative toaster in a chrome version that allows, with a light touch, to choose what you desire most: to toast, to defrost or to reheat. Grill, clamps and the many programming possibilities add to its professional design and sleek look.

Get these and other stylish kitchen appliances from Italian Lifestyle. They also boast a fabulous range of coffee machines with the latest innovations and sophisticated designs.

Visit: Italian Lifestyle.




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