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May 23, 2019

Hot off the press – meet the BIBO express.

Known for it’s innovative water solutions, BIBO is leading the industry yet again with another one of it’s new stylish creations.

The BIBO express – your unlimited boiling water source. 

Not only compact and beautiful to look at, the BIBO express is cutting-edge. It’s instant. It’s unlimited. It’s safe to use, energy efficient and gentle on the environment. What’s more, it can go absolutely anywhere.

  • Instant

Boils water from start to finish at the touch of a button.

  • Unlimited

Withstands high usage, offering endless cups of boiling water the instant you want it.

  • Compact & damn good looking

It’s compact, sleek and chic, making it the perfect statement piece for any space.

  • Cutting-edge

Innovative design eliminates a hot tank, boiling water instantly as it runs through the machine.

  • Safe

Designed with a non-drip function and lock key system, which means there is no leaking of boiling water.

  • Green

By boiling water instantly and preventing water waste, the BIBO express is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

  • Any wall, anywhere

Unlike other boiling water machines, the BIBO express’s non-drip function means it doesn’t need to be placed on top of a sink or near a drainage system. It is wall-mounted, easily installed and can go wherever you wish.


Boiling water is a touch away from start to finish with the BIBO express.


Available in black, blush and silver.


Free shipping  |  Free one-year warranty  |  Installation available |


Purchase or rent your BIBO express here or find out more here.






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