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Nov 21, 2018

Grundig: Introducing The 4-Door Wine Connoisseur

Introducing the Grundig Connoisseur 4-Door Wine Cooler…

This state-of-the-art cooling solution is a sublime hub of sophisticated features housed in total elegance. Building on Grundig’s 70-year plus legacy of German-engineered excellence this cutting-edge appliance redefines how easy and effortless it is to enjoy the finer things in life…

Let’s start with the Grundig Connoisseur’s unique telescopic, wooden shelved, 28-piece wine storage fridge. Catering to those with a palate for perfection, this compartment has its own precise cooling system which allows for the flawless housing of the right vintages in the right conditions awaiting the right occasion. With its frosted and glazed window panelling it also always showcases everything you still have to look forward to.

Beyond wine, this is by no means an ordinary fridge either. With its stylish French door opening, it displays your produce and groceries in a vista of delicious potential. Full Fresh+ Technology also means it keeps your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer in an environment formulated to preserve texture and nutrients like they’re farm fresh. The fact that it also features Ionising Technology means you’re in for a storage experience that’s pristine and odourless.

It’s No Frost freezer also means the Grundig Connoisseur’s dynamic capabilities allow you to have everything you need, at it’s finest, all in one spot. With a 7-Year Warranty included, this unique partner in hosting, dining and savouring home, doesn’t just add to your kitchen, it turns it into something truly state-of-the-art.

Enticed? To see the GRUNDIG Connoisseur’s full range of features visit GRUNDIG’s website HERE or locate your nearest distributor HERE.


For more visit the Grundig website HERE.

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