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Aug 28, 2018

Gaggenau Complemented by blu-Line’s New Kitchen Collection

Gaggenau, the luxury professional-grade kitchen appliance manufacturer, unveiled the brand new Vario cooling 400 series at the annual Decorex show complemented by blu-Line’s new kitchen collection.

Inspired by grand architectural structures, the new Vario cooling 400 series has been designed for those who appreciate the aesthetically advanced. Combining modularity with blu_Line’s Monoline collection which are made up of subtle details and sleek lines of seamless integration. The Monoline collection offers a sophisticated play on levels and textures.

The Vario cooling 400 series variations are most impressive when combined to form an imposing cooling wall that integrates into the overall kitchen structure. An expanse of handleless doors with individual furniture fronts, stainless steel or glass doors for wine climate cabinets, presents a statement in any private kitchen. The door opens to reveal a complete stainless-steel interior and dark anthracite anodised aluminium elements. Imperceptible clear glass shelving and solid aluminium door racks are further complemented by a stunning atmospheric glow from the warm white, glare-free LED lights.

The Vario cooling 400 series – warm white LED lighting

Throughout the newly launched series, Gaggenau debuts the exceptional opening assist system. Push to open the handleless door and the mechanism will open the portal for you. Even the door’s ice and water dispenser anticipate your needs and automatically activates the light and touch keys as you approach, thanks to its ingenious proximity sensor.

The Vario cooling 400 series – anthracite anodised aluminium door racks

Taking inspiration from the oak barrels used to age wine, the Vario wine climate cabinets 400 series features telescopic rails which allow oak and dark anthracite aluminium bottle trays to fully extend for gentle handling. Further safeguards are provided by the cabinet’s low vibration, humidity regulation; and the activated charcoal air filter which protects the wine from odour contamination.

The Vario wine climate cabinets 400 series – fully extendable bottle trays

Up to three independently controlled climate zones can also be adjusted via the newly installed intuitive TFT display, so that part of your wine collection can be stored in cellar-like conditions while bottles that should be enjoyed now, can be served on demand. Additionally, Gaggenau has further enhanced the Vario wine climate cabinets 400 series to include five present lighting scenarios, perfect for showcasing prized collections that deserve to be admired.

The blu_Line Monobloc collection compliments the Gaggenau brand by designing elements that offer volume and intensity to the overall design scheme which fits perfectly onto the lifestyle of the discerning and cultural individual.

This new range for Gaggenau is the very essence of refinement in the luxury kitchen appliance market. Gaggenau see extraordinary interior aesthetics as something that should be seen in all spheres of life, including the kitchen. With the new range, every wish for an extraordinary interior space can be fulfilled. Staged beautifully and with perfect illumination, you are no longer simply storing wine or refrigerating, you are making a statement. “Gaggenau base every design decision on a practical benefit by taking seamless kitchen appliance design one step further. It focuses on attraction, not distraction,” says Elizabete Nelson, Gaggenau Communication Manager.

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