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Jun 14, 2019

Franke: Drink More Water, Use Less Plastic

Franke South Africa recently launched an eco-focused “Refill not Landfill” campaign on World Environment Day!

Franke South Africa has launched a major new campaign, ‘Refill Not Landfill’ aimed at contributing to greater awareness of the need to reduce the use of plastic in everyday life. Working on the premise that small individual actions can develop and make a difference, the campaign is designed to have a ripple effect, engaging Franke staff, retailers and consumers.

You will receive two free water flasks on purchasing any Franke tap that includes filtration during the 6 month campaign period running from the 1st July to end Dec 2019*. Eligible taps include the Franke Neptune Clear Water Mixer, and all of the various models of Zip filtered water HydroTaps. *While stocks last

Each flask holds 400ml of water, are lightweight metal construction making it easy to carry, while being small enough to use ‘on the go’ and fit easily into everyday life in handbags, sports bags, rucksacks and cup holders in cars. Featuring signature Franke Make it Wonderful graphics, the flasks are robust and hygienic offering a safe way to help keep the body hydrated through regular re-fills and re-use, while crucially reducing plastic waste.

If Franke are to send out just 1,000 of these flasks to consumers during the campaign who are in the habit of disposing of one plastic bottle per day, then we would be taking 365,000 plastic water bottles out of circulation in a single year. That in itself is a significant amount and the amplification of the numbers has the potential to be very dramatic indeed.

Franke would love to see their flasks in use, and encourage consumers to tweet or post images of your flask when you’re out and about or on your travels. Please use the hashtag #RefillNotLandfillSA and tag Franke on your posts!

Every flask given out could take at least 350 single-use plastic bottles out of circulation in one year alone, so thank you for playing your part!

Neptune Clear Water – Did you know?

Installing a filtered tap in your home does away with the energy consumption caused by filling and transporting bottled water. And though plastic bottles can be recycled, the vast majority land up in landfills polluting the earth.

The Franke Neptune Clear Water taps provides 11,350 litres of filtered water before the filter needs changing. That’s the equivalent of 22,700 water bottles!

You can find more information on Franke’s Neptune Clear Water Mixer or the Zip Hydrotap Range – visit www.franke.co.za or contact us on 0861 372 653.

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