Franke: Coffee gadget

Does the smell of freshly ground coffee coax you out of bed in the morning? Are you constantly in pursuit of the perfect cuppa? Do you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur? If you have a passion for coffee that’s hard to rival, and you’re aspiring to take your coffee-making game to the next level, then we have a few gadgets that you might appreciate.

Together with Franke SA, we found 4 clever inventions to bring out your inner Barista. Take a look!

DRIPO Cold Brew Coffee Maker By Gosh!

Image: Current trends have embraced the Japanese style of making slow-drip coffee. And this has caused cold brew coffee makers like the DRIPO to be in high demand. If you haven’t experienced the refreshingly icy and aromatic taste of slow-drip coffee, then we recommend you add this to your coffee gadget wish list.

Milk Frother By Jura

Image: No Barista’s toolkit is complete without a milk frother! Be it creamy cappuccinos or wonderfully frothy lattes, you’re sure to add a touch of milky magic to your chosen beverage with this handy gadget.

Cappuccino Art Stencils By Aerolatte

Image: Do you find latte art a bit too tricky? Don’t be discouraged, we’ve found a gadget to make eye-catching cuppas in seconds. Simply sprinkle some cocoa powder or chocolate icing over this Aerolatte art stencil and let the cup become your canvas!

Coffee Joulies

Image: The days of burning your tongue with hot coffee are over thanks to Joulies! When you place one of these gadgets into your cup, your coffee will not only cool down, but will also stay at the perfect temperature for a longer period of time. Contact: Franke


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