Fabri: An Insider’s Look at Kitchen Design Trends

With over 32 years of experience in the design industry, Fabri remains on trend as a premium kitchen and built-in furniture design company. We get up close and personal with Fabri regarding the latest innovations in modern kitchens, from functionality and aesthetics to global trends and technological integration. Here’s what they had to share!

How does Fabri balance functionality with aesthetics? We believe it is obvious that function is the most important aspect of a good design, but the aesthetic is what makes a design memorable. We design with a careful balance between function and beauty in mind at all times. For this reason, we recommend that appliances are integrated wherever possible in the kitchen, as this does not compromise the functionality of the space and it increases the aesthetic value dramatically.

The innovations we are seeing in appliance technology, such as refrigerators that are ‘touch to open’ and dishwashers that open with a knock on the door, allow for a sleeker look in the kitchen but also increase the ease of use and functionality. We also strive for a minimal, uncluttered look in our kitchens, which goes hand in hand with functionality as everything has its place, hidden neatly behind a beautiful facade. The less clutter a client has to sift through, the more time saved and the more functional the kitchen.

Can you tell us which kitchen trends your clients are currently favouring? Currently our clients are favouring sleek minimalism with added warmth through natural hues, timber and textured porcelain tops. Clients are looking for kitchens that feel like part of the home, rather than a pristine space that looks very obviously like a kitchen. This can be achieved not only with bolder colour choices, but also by making the kitchen a multi functional space that can be on display or hidden behind cleverly designed sliding or foldaway door systems. A trend that is here to stay is that of personalisation.

We try to learn as much about the client’s lifestyle as possible to design a kitchen that they will make the best use of. For example, the perfect kitchen for a client who loves to cook while entertaining friends might include an integrated herb garden in the kitchen island and a wine climate cabinet to serve drinks easily while cooking.

How will kitchen trends change in the future? We predict that the kitchen will continue to evolve as a multi-functional space that is central to all activities in the home. All processes in the kitchen will become even simpler and more streamlined, there will be an increased focus on kitchen layouts that can change according to the changing needs of the client.  

What can we expect in terms of colour palette shifts in kitchens for the next year? We are definitely seeing a move towards bolder colour choices in the kitchen, such as striking anthracite, warm greys, or browns combined with blush or terracotta tones, and we are seeing fewer requests for stark white kitchens as was very popular in the past.

What does a ‘smart’ kitchen mean to you and how will Fabri be embracing the latest technology for kitchens? To us a ‘smart’ kitchen is not only to be described by the number of apps that one can use in the kitchen today. Before we even consider the technological aspect of the term ‘smart’, we ensure that our design is the most efficient it can be to minimise the amount of time wasted in the space by the client. Accessories such as dustbins for recycling that are neatly integrated underneath the prep bowl are now a must for a world that is ever more energy and climate conscious. Furthermore, we recommend and work with appliance brands that are continually striving to reduce the impact of their machines on the environment.

Of course a ‘smart’ kitchen includes technological advances, and we are incorporating smart phones and tablets more and more into kitchen designs. We are seeing requests for integrated charging stations and pop up plug towers with USB ports for home automation purposes. Appliances now have capabilities that allow clients to operate them remotely using an app, making a ‘smart’ kitchen one that you are able to be present in even when you are not.

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