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May 3, 2018

Eclipse: Inspiring Perfect Motion For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Eclipse brings you Blum’s Servo-Drive for Aventos – the perfect solution for functional, easy-to-use wall cabinets.

Everyday tasks such as emptying the dishwasher and putting glassware away are stress-free with Blum’s electrical motion support system.

Inspiring ease of use:

With a light touch the cabinet front lifts up and out of the way automatically allowing optimal access to the cupboard interior.

Electrical motion support:

This electrical motion support system is available for cabinet doors fitted with Aventos lift systems which open and close fronts. Especially designed for handle-less cabinets. Even large fronts open with ultimate ease.

Does the opening and closing for you:

Don’t have a free hand? You can still open the wall cabinet with the side of your hand or your elbow. A simple press of a button closes the cabinet front silently and effortlessly.

Stops elegantly and safely if obstructed:

Servo-Drive for Aventos is completely safe. The front can remain open while working and provides optimal access to the cabinet interior. The opening and closing action is automatically stopped as soon as the front touches a part of the body or an object. If you want to get something out of the cabinet quickly while the door is already closing, the door will stop safely.

Always under your control:

You can manually open and close the cabinet door at any time. The motion support system can be deactivated easily via a switched outlet. This is especially useful when cleaning your cupboard fronts.

The design and function of Blum fittings have received international acclaim. Numerous awards testify to the top quality of Blum products and services.

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Visit: www.eclipsegroup.co.za or contact any of the Eclipse branches nationwide in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth on 0861 eclipse (325 4773)

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