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Apr 18, 2017

Easylife Kitchens: Tips to keep your kitchen pristine

Kitchen cabinets have a significant impact on the appearance of the entire kitchen, and it is very important to keep them in the best shape possible to give your kitchen a well-maintained and polished feel. Thanks to the experts at Easylife Kitchens, we offer you these guidelines to help keep your kitchen cabinets looking fantastic.

Melamine and Thermo-foil  

Choose a cleaning method that will enhance the materials of your kitchen cabinets. For impact melamine and thermos-foil wrap doors and panels, it would be best to use a mild soapy solution to wash your doors. Wipe them down with a damp cloth and gently dry.

Hi-Gloss doors and panels

Clean with a soft, damp cloth and wipe dry. Avoid cleaning products that contain alcohol or solvents and do not use abrasive cleaners such as acetone, petrol or glass cleaners, as these will cause damage to the doors’ surface.

Painted solid wood and veneers

You may be aware that wood changes colour when exposed to light; the rate of change being dependant on the species and intensity of exposure. Please be aware that if additional doors are required in the future, a variation in colour is highly probable. To clean, use a micro fibre anti-scratch cloth and avoid any harsh chemical cleaners. For the best results, only use a 5% liquid soap with 95% water solution and wipe down with a damp cloth. For dusting, opt for a soft cloth and follow the natural grain pattern of the wood.

Work surfaces

Your work surfaces can become damaged if mistreated. We would recommend that you always use a chopping board and ensure that you place hot pans or casserole dishes on protective mats of trivets. Mop up spills immediately, particularly on joins, around sink and hob cut-out areas.

Laminated work surfaces

Wipe clean with a moist cloth and mild detergent. For more stubborn marks, leave the detergent to soak for a short while before rinsing thoroughly. Natural Solid Wood

Solid wood may need to be oiled regularly. We recommend using Danish oil to keep the wood supple and prevent cracking. Always follow the grain when applying oil and use a soft dry cloth. For maintenance, clean up spills immediately and never leave wet crockery on a wooden surface. Wipe down the work surface after every use. Avoid prolonged contact with metals, such as iron and steel, as these may stain the timber. Wipe clean using a well wrung out cloth dipped in warm soapy water.

Granite and Composite surfaces

Stone work surfaces are pre-treated with a liquid silicone sealer which reduces their natural porosity and provides a protective coating. Clean with water containing soap or a mild or neutral detergent using a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse off with clean water. Polish dry with a micro fibre or soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaning materials such as scouring powders, steel wool or metal brushes.

Solid Surfaces

Use soapy water, ammonia-based cleaners (not window cleaners as they can leave a waxy build up that may dull the surface) or commercially available solid surface cleaners. These will remove dirt and residue from all types of finishes although stubborn residue may require stronger cleaners. Disinfecting: Occasionally wipe surface with diluted household bleach (1:100 with water).

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