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Oct 18, 2019

Easylife Kitchens: Evolution Kitchen Design

Evolution, which was developed by Easylife Kitchens over the past two years, introduces stylish, state-of-the-art new kitchen designs based on European trends and the latest in kitchen design technology.

The new designs are being manufactured at Easylife Kitchens’ manufacturing plants in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Easylife Kitchens Managing Director, Philip Kirby, says the introduction of Evolution is the biggest change to the company’s product offering in 10 years, and required significant changes to its production processes.

“We are delighted to bring this new product to market. We are the first local manufacturer to produce these kitchens in high volume and are confident our customers will love the new design and additional space created. And at the same time as introducing Evolution, we’ve introduced a national pricing model ensuring that no-matter where our customers buy our products, they pay the same price.”

Evolution covers every aspect of the modern kitchen, providing the perfect combination of space and technology to maximise efficient workflow. In creating Evolution, the company has moved away from what has historically been the standard industry carcass sizes for kitchens in South Africa, instead creating a product that better meets its customer’s needs.


  • Evolution kitchen designs offer spectacular space-saving benefits.
  • Designers can do much more in terms of drawer configuration. A new six-tier drawer system has been introduced as a design option, effectively increasing drawer space by 50%.
  • All drawer frontals line up enabling a handle-less design.
  • Wall units have 10% more cabinet depth. Now at a depth of 330mm vs the standard 300mm generally available in South Africa, there is ample depth to store dinner plates and recipe books making the units much more practical.
  • In a home office application, lever arch files will fit comfortably in the deeper wall units.
  • A smaller plinth of 80mm has been used in the floor units, down from 150mm, creating 10% more space inside the cabinets, which has increased the interior space by 70mm.
  • The revolutionary new design also provides increased ventilation for oven and fridge units.
  • With the wall units being 330mm deep, all wall-unit lift systems can now be accommodated.

Philip adds that Easylife Kitchens’ Design Consultants have all been trained on Evolution, giving them an opportunity to follow European design trends and create designs that compete with the best of Europe’s kitchen designers.

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