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Mar 20, 2019

Easylife Kitchens: Creating The Perfect Galley Kitchen

When it comes to modern kitchens, space, storage and functionality often work together in the creation of a versatile and loved area of the home. There are many shapes and sizes of kitchens available today, but the basic principles of design will apply to most of these. In the end, a kitchen needs to serve its users. Easylife kitchens offers a wide range of affordable and award-winning kitchen designs. 

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Some kitchens lack space. In these cases, careful planning is key to maximise the kitchen. Galley kitchens are often one such design that requires careful storage and planning.

A galley kitchen often refers to a long, narrow kitchen that has counters on either side of a central walkway. It is typically found in many restaurants and although space is often limited, the best use of each area of the kitchen is encouraged.

Here are a few tips to creating a great galley kitchen:

In a small kitchen, it’s crucial to make use of spaces you can’t reach. A top tip would be to organize your small galley kitchen with added shelving that reaches up nice and high, and then to use a step stool that’s easy to store or doesn’t take up much space. This will certainly give you better use of your space.

Invest in open shelving so that everything is in clear sight. It makes it simpler to spot what you have and where it is, and visually expands the space. Open shelves has a great way of helping a smaller space feel bigger than it is.

Where you place your sink matters! If you’re involved in the design stages of your galley kitchen, it may be best to place the sink at the end of the narrow space. This will help to free up counter space needed for preparation. According to the professionals, prep space is the most coveted space in a galley kitchen where everything’s stacked next to each other.

Easylife Kitchens, with factories in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and 32 showrooms country wide, offers a wide range of affordable kitchen finishes and accessories. Their showrooms boast world-class kitchen technology and on-trend kitchen designs. They don’t compromise on quality, using first-grade materials, offering two-year guarantees on materials and workmanship. Easylife Kitchens manages each aspect of the design and installation of your kitchen, working closely with the renovation teams.

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