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Apr 27, 2017

Coffee – a way of life celebrated by Italian Lifestyle

Did you know that just smelling coffee can actually wake you up? Researchers recently reported that simply inhaling the fragrance of coffee can alter the activity of some genetic factors in the brain, reducing fatigue and some of the effects of sleep deprivation. And when you do drink that cup of coffee, the caffeine reaches your blood in record time… in 10 minutes flat.


It is the ultimate pick-me-upper and everyone is out to find the best coffee experiences around. This is why we are in love with the exquisite coffee offerings from Italian Lifestyle, an organisation that creates bespoke coffee solutions for offices and eateries. Everyone loves a good cuppa! As the second most traded commodity on earth, coffee has become an essential part of our everyday lives.

There are now so many variations of this hot beverage on the market today, that there are options to suit many tastes, budgets and choices. Italian Lifestyle believes in more than just selling coffee machines. It’s about top-quality, Italian-standard hot beverages. Stylish and functional automatic, traditional or vending coffee machines.

According to them, coffee isn’t a drink; it’s a culture. Italian Lifestyle also has a fabulous special on the Odea Go Coffee Machine, presently available for R5949.00 incl VAT. Special will end on 13 May 2017. Normal retail: R6999.00 incl VAT.

Contact: Italian Lifestyle

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