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Jun 9, 2018

Casa Decor 2018: A Rebel Kitchen by Patricia Bustos

“Osadía ” is the kitchen of Patricia Bustos de la Torre in Casa Decor 2018, a romantic and sensual space, with the fresh and cool air of the most exquisite finishes.

Geometry and colour mark the mosaic coating of the magnificent floors; a different and striking design, which includes the name of the “Osadía” space in the form of a mosaic.

Patricia Bustos has opted for the Unicolor collection for this incredible floor. It has used three green shades with striking pink and white for impact.

We are so in love with this space – a beautiful mix of glamour and style. “Osadía” is a space that navigates between East and West. A romantic and sensual cuisine that vindicates the exoticism and nature of Japan, but with the fresh and cool air of Milan’s most avant-garde environments. It reinterprets the concept of cooking, a habitually practical and cozy space, which becomes something more exciting and poetic, capable of awakening in us new experiences and emotions.

Today, more than ever, borders do not exist, the differences between public and private, masculine and feminine, disappear. From this fusion of concepts arise unique and different things, like this kitchen.


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