Caesarstone introduces 7 new colours

Caesarstone is excited to introduce the addition of 7 new entry-level colours to their range, offering the trusted Caesarstone strength, durability and lifetime warranty that we have come to expect from this renowned brand. With names like Chocolate Truffle, Ocean Foam and Sandy Beach, these colours are sure to impress and make their mark on your designer project. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from these 7 new shades!

Ocean Foam 6141:

With organic, specks of quartz pieces, Ocean Foam will bring life to your space. It has a consistent delicate texture and graining that evolves as you get closer, with a refreshing white base.

Misty Carrera 4141:

With the beauty of marble and the benefits of Caesarstone, Misty Carrera lends itself to any interior. With a timeless white base and cloudy grey movement, this is the choice of sophistication.

Atlantic Salt 6270:

Chunky pieces of silver-grey quartz are the highlight of Atlantic Salt. Adding luxury and depth to your kitchen or bathroom, the elegant movements and statement finish will continue to inspire. Titan 3040:
Touching on the industrial trend, Titan is your answer to a classical concrete finish. It is deep and moody like concrete, but with a polished finish, to fit into your interiors naturally.

Sandy Beach 2260:

With a sunshine undertone, Sandy Beach will bring a lovely warmth to your home. Even though it has a slight grain to add some depth, it has an even-toned finish to meet all design requirements.

Chocolate Truffle 6350:

Chocolate Truffle has delicious caramel undertones, keeping you and your space grounded. With a variety of hazel brown tones, it creates a sense of warmth and calm.

Walnut 3350:

Inspired by the good things in life, Walnut plays on our tastebuds, reminding us of invigorating coffee and the creamiest chocolate. With mild graining it will create an enticing atmosphere. For more visit Caesarstone.


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