Bibo: The Best Thing to Happen All Winter

As the chill sets in and the electric blankets get powered up, BIBO brings you something that’s sure to warm you up in an instant.

The BIBO express’s recent launch is taking the market by storm. This unlimited boiling water source is completely revolutionary offering unmatched benefits over traditional kettles, urns and water boilers.

Besides for being incredibly beautiful to look at, here are just a few reasons why the BIBO express is changing up the industry:

  • Instant
    • The BIBO express takes water from cold to boiling in an instant. No more waiting for kettles to boil or boilers to reheat. Your cup of boiling water is a touch away.
  • No hot tank
    • Because the BIBO express is instant, there is no need for a hot tank. And no hot tank means there is zero waste of water and energy when it comes to the BIBO express. Unlike kettles, urns and water boilers, which need to continuously reboil the water sitting inside them, the BIBO express cuts the power needed to produce a fresh mug of your favourite cuppa.
  • Endless
    • Due to its unique technology, the BIBO express is suitable for high volume use. That means the BIBO express is the perfect solution for any space be it homes, offices, schools, canteens, facilities, waiting rooms – the list is endless.
  • Safe
    • The BIBO express’s non-drip function and lock key system makes it a safe alterative to kettles, urns and boilers.
  • Any wall, anywhere
    • Another unparalleled benefit of the BIBO express’s non-drip function is that it can be wall mounted just about anywhere. Unlike the water boilers currently on the market, which need to be installed over a sink or drainage system, the BIBO express can go where you really want it.

What’s more is the BIBO express won’t break the bank.

Just when you thought you couldn’t love BIBO anymore, right!?

Purchase or rent your BIBO express here or find out more here.




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