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LG: The Evolution of The Kitchen

Find yourself at any party, gathering of friends or holiday destination, and you’ll find yourself in the kitchen. Any good social affair should sport fantastic food, whether it’s simply a braai with friends or Christmas dinner. Cooking a meal is a participatory experience with friends. Who doesn’t chime in to assist with crushing the garlic or flipping the lamb chops?

So what’s the reason – aside from food – that we’re drawn to the kitchen? Believe it or not, it’s in the design, which has seen a rapid evolution over the past fifty years. Kitchens of old were often found at the back of the house in cramped spaces. With the rise and growth of the middle class, the kitchen began trending to be built closer to the living quarters of homes, still fitting into small quarters. It wasn’t until cooking became a truly democratized skill, driven first by the rise of cooking shows, now by the availability of information and recipes on the Internet, that kitchens adopted their open floorplan seen today. The open plans make for a space that is just as welcoming as your family room.

The other major factor impacting the appearance of kitchens is the appliances found in them – now made intentionally with sleek design and often smart brushed steel. There was also a time when appliances that only did one job cluttered up space, making it virtually impossible to fit more than the chef himself in the kitchen. Today’s kitchen innovations have led to products like LG’s NeoChef, which removes the need for a microwave, small oven, air fryer and more, as the appliance combines them into one efficient cooking powerhouse. What’s more, is the deep cleaning it takes to keep a kitchen tidy. In a room where food is prepared, it’s critical to maintain a sanitized room to not compromise the ingredients used. But cleaning has become such a hassle. Luckily, innovations like Anti-Bacterial Coating, which resists stains and build up, enable quick and efficient cleaning, making it easier to welcome guests without fear. So what’s the next evolution of the kitchen?

Look no further than technology, which will certainly usher in the next era of the favourite room in the home. Kitchens will communicate with your mobile device so you may remotely turn off your oven; your fridge will warn you when you’re light on bread and milk, and so much more as we welcome guests into a more connected kitchen. Read more about my personal experience of welcoming the LG Neochef into my home kitchen here.

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