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Mar 15, 2019

5 Ways With Open Shelving in The Easylife Kitchen

Don’t disregard open shelving in your modern kitchen. It doesn’t have to be just a functional choice. Properly styled, open shelving can totally enhance the look of your contemporary kitchen. Here we share five ideas to inspire your own kitchen shelving!

  1. Increased storage

Open shelving can easily extend up an unused wall and add to the overall storage of your kitchen. Keep it simple in matching tones to your cabinets and create a seamless flow in the kitchen. Style it with the basics, from kitchen staples and cookbooks to baskets, pantry items and more, and make the most of the added and functional storage that you will instantly add to the kitchen!

2. Minimalist and simple

Beautiful white open shelves in a minimalist kitchen are striking and work to enhance your minimalist look. Keep it simple and clean and don’t be tempted to overcrowd your shelves. This way, your kitchen will look sleek and clean and on trend!

3. So easy to organise

Shelves are so easy to organise and style. If you don’t like the look, simply rearrange it! Shelves are low maintenance and easy to clean. Dirt and grime building up on your shelves. Simply wipe them down for a clean and organised look!

4. Enhance your colour palette

If you want to add an accent colour to your kitchen, style your open shelves with accessories in this colour palette. Add things that pop such as a coloured vase, book, basket, jars and more to bring a touch of vibrancy to colour to your kitchen.

5. Inexpensive

Looking to upgrade your kitchen affordably? Open shelves are a great inexpensive option that will instantly upgrade your space and add a new element to elevate the style of your kitchen. Open shelves do not necessarily need to be custom-made and can bought off the shelf (pardon the pun) at your local hardware store. Simply stain to match your existing cabinets or paint in a bold colour to bring a fresh new look to your kitchen!

Shopping Guide:  Easylife Kitchens is an established and reputable company, with factories in Johannesburg and Cape Town that make use of modern and constantly upgraded technology to ensure top quality components and value for money.

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