Competition: Win A Smart Home System From Advantage Air

We are all about ease and convenience when it comes to our homes and modern living. That’s why we’ve partnered with Advantage Air to give one lucky follower the chance to win a Smart Home System and add some luxury living to your abode this month!

This phenomenal Smart Home System connects into the existing wiring of your house and gives you the chance to tap into your home’s technology and connect to your house in a fresh new way. It comes with the wired in tablet, control box and a connection box for 6 circuits.

With the MyPlace app, you can control your products from the couch, from work or from the other side of the world. It works with most smartphones and tablets and turns them into additional remote controls. MyPlace makes smart technology affordable by working with your existing items in your home such as lights, garage door, fans and blinds. It creates a scalable ecosystem that can be expanded to give you added comfort, convenience and the luxury of control.

Smart home technology is fast becoming a must have. By installing MyPlace now, you get to enjoy the comfort and control of living in a connected home. And if you decide to sell, your home is even more appealing to buyers.

MyPlace scheduling makes day-to-day life easier, it is simple to use and set up. Schedules will allow you to switch items on and off automatically either when you are away or at home. It can save you money, make you feel secure, or just make life easier.

Win! Here’s how you to enter:

  • Like MyPlaceAfrica on Facebook.
  • Like and Share this post with your friends.
  • Comment below and answer one simple question: How will this smart home technology make your life more luxurious?

Remember, terms and conditions apply. These include:

  • Entries are open to South African citizens only.
  • The winners will be selected randomly.
  • No exchanges or returns available.
  • The competition closes on the 31 July 2019.
  • In order to win, entrants must be live in a single story home with an accessible ceiling.
  • Please note that Advantage Air does not include installation, as they are the manufacturers.

For more visit Advantage Air.



  1. I had wireless installed at home in our new place…
    I feel a little special when I can talk to Alexa at home..if I had this I’d feel so futuristic..I’m always hosting dinner parties guests would be sooooo jelous!!! What a prize!!! I absolutely love smart ANYTHING.. ITS THE WAY OF THE FUTURE..
    holding thumbs

  2. This will help me control any of my products from the couch, bed or from work or when I decide to travel. Since it works with smartphones and tablets this adds convenience. All that extra time to be productive

  3. Technology is one of the new marketing realities which is being well received because it frees up time for other tasks as oppose to preoccupation with menial tasks.

  4. I’ll be able to save money as I won buy more data, and my kid will be able to do researches for his school work at the comfort of his home

  5. His smart home techonology will make my life more luxurious by giving me the power to monitor and control my household. We live in a digital era where technology controls everything and it will make my life easier and give me the power to be efficient in running my household.

  6. It will modernise my home and give me more power to control and connect my home whether I am at home or away.

  7. This MyPlace app sounds absolutely awesome !!! Moving with the times & upgrading is definitely the way to go nowadays 🙂 My life would really be so easy , comfortable & convenient with the #MyPlace technology 🙂

  8. It would be so convenient to be able to change all electric & electronic gadgets at the touch of a button! It would also make me feel more secure & safe in my home. Another added benefit for me would be knowing that I had ‘arrived’ and was part of the Technological era.

  9. I am from Johannesburg but frequently visit family in Durban and Cape Town. With that been said I am like months away from home and my house is always left in darkness which pretty much gives the outside an idea no one is home. My home has been burgled numerous time. This would really make life more comfortable and let me have peace of mine when I’m away knowing i can switch on my outside lights when I’m not home then switch them off again. What an awesome system to have in place esp me been a single mom with two kids you never feel safe knowing your home been avaded when you not around.

  10. It will help me get more time to do the things that I like,like going to watch the sunset at the beach and then getting some late night ice-creams without worrying about rushing home to close the curtains,switch on the lights and geyser so that I find the water warm and lights on when I get home.It would really be helpful as even criminals will not know even when I’m not at home.

  11. This system is just what we need for my retirement house soon to be build in Fancourt. Making life easier, saving money and so much more.


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