Bang & Olufsen is Now Open in the Silo District

Believing that what you create and bring into the world must be exceptional, has been the primary goal of Danish audio and television manufacturer Bang & Olufsen since 1925. For more than 90 years the company has defined or re-defined the way consumer electronics look, work and interact with users. It’s the story of a remarkable partnership between an engineer and a designer, determined to create the look of sound.

Now you can experience the beauty and magic of Bang & Olufsen at their flagship sensory store in Cape Town, located at the V&A Waterfront’s Silo District. The V&A Waterfront is one of Africa’s most visited destinations with 24 million visitors annually. The city prides itself in art-and-design, and that’s where the synergy was established. “One of the most beautiful things about the brand is the design, that’s why we are so excited about being at the Silo District because it’s all about design…” says Shannon Rogotzki, Director of Bang & Olufsen South Africa, to Ryan O’ Connor on KFM. The brand offers consumers A-V equipment from a completely different point of view – that will leave them in awe while at the same time creating an emotional remembrance.
Once you step inside Bang & Olufsen of Silo you experience a feeling like no other. Time just stops and you begin to unwind as you focus your eyes on a plethora of beautiful design centric televisions, loudspeakers and much more. They focus on sharing stories about the brand that stays with you and deepens your interest. They believe that sharing stories creates an emotional association with their products.
Don’t forget to relax in their experience room for a moment. The B&O experience room secretly hides the majestic BeoVision 85” on a motorised stand and the top of range BeoLab 90 loudspeakers that pushes out 8200 watts of pure digital Bang & Olufsen Signature sound. Upon noticing them you feel goosebumps running through your body because you already know you are in for an experience like no other. All you need to do is sit back on the fine leather couches and take in the beautiful sight and sound you are about to witness.
Upon opening their doors to the public B&) are proud to launch two new products. The first is BeoSound Shape, a new wireless “off the wall” speaker system focused on the design conscious music lover. The second is BeoLab 50. A new wireless loudspeaker designed in light of BeoLab 5, the main objective for creating BeoLab 50 is to connect past & present Bang & Olufsen products with the latest technology used today.
For more visit Bang & Olufsen.


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