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Award-winning Brand Design With Siemens

Siemens Home Appliances is awarded “Special Mention” in the “Excellence in Branding” competition class at the German Brand Award 2018 and receives gold in the “Industry Excellence in Branding” class. Once again, this brand has positioned as a progressive premium brand that is responding to changing consumer needs with its new, eye-catching appearance.

At this year’s German Brand Award, Siemens Home Appliances impresses with its new brand design and is honoured for its successful brand management. In 2017, the brand initiated the holistic revision of its brand image in order to successfully address a demanding target group worldwide, even in times of digitisation. Using target group relevance, sustainability and degree of innovation as quality criteria for decision-making, the independent jury voted for the brand’s unique design.

This led to the brand receiving accolades in two categories: it wins gold in the “Industry Excellence in Branding” class and is thus honoured as the best product brand within the “Kitchen & Household Appliances” group. In addition, it receives a “Special Mention” in the cross-industry top class “Excellence in Branding” and is thus also honoured, outside the industry, as Product Brand of the Year for its unique design.

“In the course of digitalisation and a steadily increasing density of information, people’s media usage behaviour has changed. Today, content is mostly consumed online and ‘on the go’. Hence, getting consumers’ attention becomes increasingly challenging. That’s why it’s important to stand out as a brand – and that’s exactly what the new brand design helps us to do,” says Christoph Kilian, Chief Brand Officer at Siemens Home Appliances. “Our brand design is geared to the demands of our consumers and strengthens our value of premium brand recognition by placing particular emphasis on visual content and clear colour and design language. We are very pleased about the award; it’s a validation of our new brand strategy.”

New brand design for a new brand strategy

With the new brand design, Siemens Home Appliances succeeds in making the brand core “Exciting Possibilities” visible to the outside world and presenting the brand holistically in a modern way: The interplay of the brand colours Dynamic Petrol and Stone dark in combination with a strong, target group-oriented visual language attracts the attention of consumers – especially online. This creates a consistent global presence that enables a seamless brand experience at all touch points.

The repositioning of the brand started in 2015 with the sharpening of the brand core. Since fall 2017, the new brand design has been gradually implemented in all countries where Siemens Home Appliances is represented. The full implementation of the repositioning is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

This year, Siemens Home Appliances has already received three international awards for its unique combination of pioneering innovation and first-class design. At the Red Dot Design Awards 2018, the brand received 14 awards for its product design; at this year’s iF Design Awards, Siemens Home Appliances received another nine.

About Siemens Home Appliances

Siemens is one of the premier, German household appliance brand, which sets new global standards in terms of technology, innovation and design for home appliances. Through its connected product portfolio, Siemens enables a seamless world of exciting possibilities for its consumers. Besides its strong focus on refined built-in appliances, the product range encompasses stand-alone appliances in the areas of cooking, laundry care, refrigeration, freezing and dish care as well as consumer products for coffee making and vacuum cleaning.  Since 1967, Siemens has built a strong heritage of performance, innovation, quality, and resource-efficiency that yielded in prestigious awards such as the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Award.  The brand is run under the umbrella of the company BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, based in Munich, Germany.

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