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Get Your Aircon Ready For Summer with Daikin

During a hot SA summer, you’ll certainly want a cool place to retreat to indoors. It’s time to get your aircon summer ready and ensure a more pleasurable holiday season for all!

Here’s what you need to consider:

Before you turn on your unit, you need to make sure it’s summer-ready with a bit of tender loving care! Regular maintenance is a great habit to get into, resulting in a well-functioning system, a healthier home environment and lower energy bills.

The big question with air conditioning maintenance is to DIY or not to DIY? When it comes to service you should always use a licensed refrigeration specialist to work on your system, unless it’s cleaning filters which is something you can do yourself.

While some simple cleaning and maintenance procedures CAN be performed yourself, other tasks will always require the help of a professional. Never attempt maintenance work, you may do more harm than good.

Calling in a professional is a smart move

It’s a good idea to have a licensed technician look over your unit at the start of every summer. When a professional takes care of your air conditioner, you’re retaining your investment and getting the most out of it. Besides having the right tools and know-how, a contractor can fix or upgrade your system, keep it running efficiently and address issues before they become larger problems. As part of their tune-up, they will:
– thoroughly clean the condenser and evaporator coils
– ensure the system has the correct refrigerant charge (repairs to an air conditioner’s sealed refrigeration system are NEVER a DIY job)
– check and tighten electrical connections
– flush the drains
– check, clean and repair the ductwork
– inspect your unit and recommend any repairs to help extend the life of your air conditioner and ensure maximum energy efficiency

What can you do to get the unit ready for Summer?

There’s a lot you can do yourself if you’re keen. Firstly, get to know your system! Familiarity with the most important parts is essential for regular maintenance, or to communicate issues with the experts.

Safety First

Before beginning any maintenance on or near your air conditioning system, always turn the power supply off. The system will usually have a 240-volt weatherproof isolation switch located near the outdoor unit. Turn this OFF as well. The outdoor unit contains a capacitor that stores an electrical charge and can be dangerous. Allow around half an hour for the charge to dissipate before beginning maintenance. As an added precaution, always avoid touching electrical components.

Clean or replace the filters

So let’s get to work. Cleaning this part of your unit on a regular basis should be your top priority. Some units have disposable filters, and some have re-usable filters that can be cleaned with water.

Clean the condenser of Winter’s debris

Your air conditioner’s condenser (outdoor unit) is like a large fan in a metal box and should be free of anything blocking the equipment. However, both the condenser and external vents are likely to have attracted some wayward leaves, plants, dirt and yard debris. These can damage your unit, causing it to run less efficiently. Make sure it’s free and clear of any leaves and debris..

For these and other great tips contact Daikin.



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