Daikin: Stay Warm without Breaking the Budget

Summer is finally on the way, but at present, the weather may be a little unpredictable! To help you keep your heating and cooling costs under control and still stay snug through the colder days, we’ve put together some handy hints, thanks to Daikin

Tip 1. Embrace a few extra layers
Layering clothes is one effective and flexible technique to preserve your precious body heat, even indoors. A few good layers of thermal clothing, a decent pair of slippers or wooly socks or a beanie can definitely help you stay warm. When it comes to bedding, layering will also help as temperatures can fluctuate overnight, especially during the change of season. Flannel sheets are a good way to keep yourself feeling cosy, and placing rugs on tiles or wooden floors also helps.

Tip 2. Use your heating unit strategically
Rather than just cranking up the temperature whenever you feel the urge, try to stick to a fairly consistent temperature when using your indoor heater or air conditioning system. The ideal temperature setting of around 21-22°C all year round, enables your unit to work as efficiently as possible. Also, with most Daikin units, you can set a timer so the heat comes on automatically when you really need it to (so you can basically forget about adjusting it).

Tip 3. Seal in the warmth
Windows and doors are the main culprits, consider installing draft excluders like door snakes or new curtains to block out the cold air. We lose up to 40% of our heat through windows, so these seemingly small additions can make a major impact. If you’ll experience higher than usual humidity in rooms due to poor ventilation, it would be clever to get a split system air conditioning unit that offers the latest in cutting edge technology, which means they not only provide efficient cooling and heating for your home, but can humidify, dehumidify, ventilate and purify the air too!

Tip 4. Concentrate your heat
Even in small homes, there tends to be areas we use more than others. Living rooms and bedrooms are often well utilized. With this in mind, focus your heating energy on the areas where you spend the most time. A great way to do this is with a multi-split system, that allows you to control the temperature in the rooms that are being occupied.

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