Charnwood: How To Choose The Right Wood-burning Stove

We could all do with the glisten of a fireplace or the warmth of a wood-burning stove in our homes over the winter. However, would you know what to look for if you were out purchasing one for your home? We asked our friends from Charnwood for a few pointers to help us understand the different options.

A survey conducted in Europe a few years ago established that most people do not have any understanding of the different wood-burning stoves when viewing them in a showroom. The main criteria for choice was first, looks, second, price and third (if they were informed by the distributor), heat output and function. However, there is a lot more to purchasing a wood-stove than these three.

With even the cheapest stove purchases costing the consumer around R15-20k (installed), it is well worth doing your homework to make sure your investment is well spent as not all woodburning stoves are the same. The wrong stove could lead to huge disappointment and, in some instances, could even be dangerous.

Charnwood are entirely British made and pride themselves on designing and engineering wood fired heaters that lead the way in efficiency, are extremely ease to control and have aesthetic charm to suit any interior. Charnwood stoves are available in a choice of eight colours. They offer a 10 year warranty (unbeaten in South Africa) on the body of the stove. So, before you make a fireplace investment this year, ask your distributor about Charnwood.

Charnwood Island III

Skye 7:

Just landed in SA this month is the fabulous ‘Skye 7’. Leading the charge in super-efficient, clean-burning wood-fired stoves, the ‘Skye 7’ will kick out a comfortable 11KW to the room and comes with built in heat shields making it safe for any combustible materials or glass close by. Proving to be a massive hit in Europe after launching earlier this year!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win!

Stand a chance to win a brand new Charnwood stove worth R16,000 when you register your warranty between April and July on any new Charnwood stove purchased this Winter! Whether you keep it for the holiday home, Granny or the bedroom, the ‘Country 4’ wood-burner is an absolute gem and loved as a ‘cult-classic’ in the UK!

Charnwood Island III

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