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Greening your home is a good investment

Greening your home is a good investment

The purchase of a home is the most important investment any person will do in their life. It makes sense to continually upgrade and invest in a home to increase its value. One of the ways to invest in your home is to green it, but where does one start?

Most of the South African homes on the market are not energy efficient.  There are many options and products available to correct this, ranging from solar panels to LED lights or heat pumps to gas geysers.  Doing upgrades can be quite costly, so it is advisable to do some research to find an improvement that offers the biggest bang for your bucks.

One possibility for a homeowner is to green their home by ensuring it is well insulated, as this greatly impacts the ambience inside a home. A well insulated home achieves two immediate results:  energy savings and outside noise reduction.

The main culprits for heat loss / heat gain and a noisy home are the windows and doors. Our large glass areas and unsealed frames freely allow noise and outside temperatures into the home.  This, combined with subsequent drafts, can easily make a home uncomfortable and unpleasant.

REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors put an immediate stop to this.  The tough, fusion welded uPVC frames fitted with either single or, better still, double glazing reduce outside noise and, at the same time, vastly improve the energy efficiency of a home.  South Africa’s building regulations now stipulate that all new buildings need to be energy efficient.  The required energy ratings are easily achieved with REHAU uPVC windows and doors.

Removing outdated windows and doors and replacing them with modern, energy efficient REHAU uPVC is a worthwhile investment and will increase a home’s value.

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