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Apr 3, 2019

Maldini presents Porada: Everything Starts From Love

“Everything starts from love”. This is the key message that Porada would like to spread through the short film “Ella”. Sharing a title with one of Porada’s exclusive chairs designed by Patrick Jouin, the short film is a transposition of Porada’s history, and it if filled with emotion and empathy.

Ella is written and directed by Edoardo Sandulli. In the year of the 70th anniversary, the company recalls the origins of Porada through the romanticized character of Luigi Allievi, the company’s founder. With a poetic parallelism between the love for the wood and the love for a woman, the passion is the driving force of this short film: passion for work, as well as for the life.

From the founder’s hands the creation of an elegant chair with sinuous lines emerges; the wood is alive and tells a story, like it does with all the rest of Porada products.

Passion is what makes everything unique and special, from furniture to memory. Porada, seventy years later, shares the same love and passion as the family forefather and company founder, Luigi Allievi, who above all, is considered the spokesperson of their values.

It has taken a dedicated team of professionals to put together this short film.


  • Starring Silvestro Sammaritano, Marta Viidas and Ludovico Fontanesi
  • Written and Directed by Edoardo Sandulli
  • Cinematographer: Simone Biagini
  • Producer: Federico Notaro
  • Editor: Marcello Sanna
  • Music Composed and Performed by Carmelo Patti and Giulia Monti
  • Sound Design: Daniele De Virgilio
  • Stylist: Simona Carippo
  • MUA: Elisa Cuccu
  • MUA: Romina Pascual
  • 1AC: Stefano Sola
  • Gaffer: Fabio Massari
  • Best Boy: Marco Scudellaro
  • Backstage Photographer: Laura Carugati
  • Lights and Camera by AMG International Milano
  • Special thanks to Comune di Legnano.

Porada is available in South Africa from Maldini Contemporary Furniture


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