Wolkberg Answers Those Burning Questions When it Comes to Concrete in Interior Design

Will my concrete furniture crack, scratch, and stain? This is often the burning question of many who are considering concrete in their interior spaces. Let’s face it, concrete in design is growing in popularity year on year. This is partly because designers and craftsman have taken to this material enough to put the added effort into perfecting it.

Wolkberg Casting Studios addresses the white elephant by discussing the inherent properties of concrete that makes us nervous about using it in our interiors. This is what they have to say: This magnificent material that has built many ancient cities, some still standing centuries later, is often referred to as a living material! This is because concrete cures over a long period of time, reaching its full strength at 28 days but this material doesn’t stop there, it continues to become stronger and harder, even over 50 years.
Cracking can occur even in your best mixes during the curing process when the material shrinks, and this sometimes causes micro cracks. The material in its basic form is porous, which means it absorbs moisture and therefore can stain.  It is a flowable cement that sets over time, therefore has movement in it, the uneven shading that is signature concrete aesthetics. This explanation is in a nutshell, others have written thesis and journals about it but this is all we need to know to answer the burning question. Will my concrete furniture or surface crack, stain or scratch? How long is a piece of string?

It’s all relative; it all depends on a number of variables, like:

  • The mix design
  • The curing process
  • The amount of wear it will receive- e.g. is it for a busy restaurant or domestic setting?
  • Is it in frost stricken areas or in direct sunlight?

Three years ago when Wolkberg Casting Studios was established they were concerned that their big vision to change the world one concrete product at a time would fizzle out with the “Trend” but most designers and creatives can spot when the odds are stacked in favour of an idea.

This coupled with the daring entrepreneurial spirit of risk taking, they missioned on into a 3 year R&D project to perfect a concrete mix and a unique production process that will eliminate most of the unwanted aspects of a standard mix. After a few failed attempts they created Limesite – a new generation concrete with added properties and features to suit our modern living spaces and fast pace commercial spaces.

  • No more cracks
  • Lower maintenance
  • Lower possibility of staining
  • Convenience and consistent quality

Limesite is a special mix that addresses the above issues. Wolkberg’s quality control methods ensure that the surfaces are fully cured and leave their facility crack free. A unique process in production and sealer makes Limesite surfaces are non-porous up to a safe degree which means it will not scratch or stain easily.

Due diligence should be practiced as with all other products, clean regularly, use a chopping block, use coasters as you do on your wooden furniture and you will be problem free. Wolkberg makes it possible for you to be bold and join the movement towards embracing industrial inspired spaces with confidence.

For more visit Wolkberg Casting Studios.


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