What’s New This Season At Karongwe Rarewood Furniture

Karongwe has been in full swing this Spring creating new furniture pieces and seeing fresh ideas and creations come to life.

They are also proud to be associated with the MacnoseR55 restaurant project. Karongwe’s signature A-Chair and A-Barchair were created for this prestigious restaurant in Centurion. They also supplied solid Kiaat table tops for a stylish designer end look!

The Spanish Chair

Karongwe has also had the wonderful opportunity to build a Mogensen classic – The Spanish Chair.

In 1958, on a journey through Spain, Mogensen had noticed a traditional type of chair with wide armrests, common in areas influenced by ancient Islamic culture. Mogensen combined this notion with his earlier works and signature functionalism. The wooden construction of the Spanish Chair is formed with geometrical precision, achieving a sturdy design with exceptional durability and enduring character. The broad armrests serve as a practical place to place a glass or ashtray, allowing the user to dispense with occasional tables or other furniture from the surrounding area. In doing so he achieved a more open and informal space for relaxing and conversing.

The materials used for The Spanish Chair are of the finest selection and execution, from the quarter-sawn solid oak, to the vegetable tanned leathers and brass buckles. The rustic combination of materials develops a special patina that only becomes more stunning with time.

The Annual Showroom Sale:

As we are nearing the end of the year, Karongwe’s annual sale will see up to 30% discount for a single product. Visit the factory showroom to see the beautiful furniture on display – all floor pieces offered at 20% discount. This will be valid for the month of November and based on a first come first serve basis.

For more info visit Karongwe Rarewood Furniture.



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