True Design: In love with Purple

Violet, plum, lavender, lilac, grape and more – purple is a fabulously bright and striking colour for summer. True Design shows us just exactly how to bring this fun-loving tone into your interior this season!

Purple and violet are powerful colours with potent emotional effects on an interior design. Purple is known to be a colour of artistry, royalty and spirit. In interiors, it evokes a sense of creativity, serenity and contemplation. It is a playful tone that can truly enhance any space. Start with a subtle incorporation of this tone through the careful placement of accent decor, including mirrors, vases, lighting and even seating solutions.

True Design has a range of amazing items to choose from in our favourite shade! Combining the coolness of blue and the warmth of red, purple is the best of both worlds, and can lend sophistication and class to almost any interior of your home. Bring it in through soft furnishings in the living or bedrooms or make a bold statement with a feature wall in your favourite shade of purple.

As an accent colour, purple also works well to infuse energy into interior spaces. With so many variations of this shade on offer, you can truly find a tone that works for you! Find inspiration at True Design!

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