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Feb 17, 2017


It’s all about capturing that elegance of a bygone era – the romance of the past –infused with our own viewpoint, for a thoroughly modern take on glamour and timeless furniture designs.

Topolansky-Fine-Furniture21 What Topolansky loves about their furniture is being able to tweak some of their collections for an individual. To reflect on people’s homes, the most intimate and precious place which we all build on our individuality and cherish for year to come, is a privilege for them. Whether your taste is classic, contemporary or industrial modern, Topolansky  understands and respects individual taste.

Their unique styling has a softness that is essential to any great home and they know just how to compliment it to create a comfortable timeless environment that you call home. They look for the little details to pull through because they want your home to read; welcoming, comforting and portray success in a style that is everlasting.

“We believe that not only must furniture look good, but it has to feel as good as it looks, so it’s important to create very tactile experiences; pieces you want to reach out and touch, too feel the texture, you want to be overwhelmed by the smell of hand softened leather, the touch of cool marble and the warmth of real solid wood while in the dimmed softness of our Georgian hand cut crystal chandeliers.”

The brand Topolansky, offers products designed and made using a number of natural materials, authentic hand craftsmanship and traditional fabrication techniques.  It seeks to combine pieces into a distinctive and unique look that appeals to the discerning buyer of high quality furniture.

Enjoy their work here: 77TOPOLANSKY-(2) Contact: Topolansky

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