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Jun 4, 2019

Topolansky: The Safari Collection

Safari or better known as Campaign furniture is one design trend you definitely want to get your hands on. Topolansky shares some insight into this trend and introduces their latest collections to entice the senses.

Safari furniture was originally made to be packed up for travel and for military campaigns. In fact, it was first designed to be ‘folded up’ and carried long distances that had been a feature of travelling armies over many centuries.

Today the trend continues and showcases some key elements that are most appealing. You can easily recognise Safari / Campaign furniture by its solid brass corners and leather strapwork which give it a distinct “campaign look”.

Durable, quality materials and high attention to detail; only the best artisans could make this uniquely styled furniture. Originally made from mahogany or teak, campaign furniture is now popping up in vibrant colours such as bright orange, deep ocean blue and even fuchsia.

Topolansky boasts broad experience in this range and has supplied many Safari & Luxury Lodges throughout Africa and many other parts of the world.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite items from Topolansky’s current Safari Collection:

The Campaign Study Desk

Beautiful in solid wood finishing, this desk is a statement piece. Foldable legs hint at the ‘Campaign‘ style but overall, sheer craftsmanship and beautiful wood with brass corners make this a standout piece.

Antique Wooden Trunk

There is something mysterious and magical about the beauty of an antique or aged wooden trunk in interior design. As if housing the many hidden treasures of a bygone era, we love the many uses a trunk can have in the home. Use as a statement coffee table, end of bed storage or simply as a striking decor accessory or furniture item in your favourite room. Look for a piece with gorgeous strapwork to incorporate the Safari trend in your home.

The Agatha LG Rack With Brass

Only the finest timber has been hand selected to make up Topolansky’s Premium Range that consists of solid first grade mahogany. The wood has been kilm dried twice to eliminate any importing complication. Each piece has been hand made by qualified and experienced artisans with attention to detail being the highest priority. Each item is hand assembled and artisans make use of traditional joinery as per the dovetail method that are proven to be of the highest standard and has been tested over time.

The Cape Armchair

Simple and beautiful, this armchair boasts a striking wooden finish with fabric top. It resembles a fold-up chair which is the epitome of the Campaign Furniture style. A bold statement item for the living room.

Find out more about the Safari Collection by visiting Topolansky.



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