Topolansky: 3 Ways To Decorate With A Chaise Lounge

Create an elegant and luxurious interior. Learn to decorate with timeless furniture such as a classic chaise lounge. Here we share three easy ways to add a chaise lounge to your life, with top tips and our favourite finds from Topolansky.

    Complement A Traditional Design Scheme

A chaise lounge is a classic item. It is also the ideal way to enhance an already traditional design scheme. Choose a classic piece with hints of wood and vintage upholstery to achieve this look. The Victorian Chaise (2) from Topolansky is the perfect product to help you recreate an era from history. With its rich wooden tones, autumnal colours and classic ornate structure, you can create a traditional look with ease.

Only the finest timber has been hand selected to make up Topolansky’s Premium Range that consists of solid first grade mahogany. The wood has been kilm dried twice to eliminate any importing complication. Each piece has been hand made by qualified and experienced artisans with attention to detail being the highest priority. Each item is hand assembled and they make use of traditional joinery as per the dovetail method that are proven to be of the highest standard and has been tested over time.

2. Added Seating In The Living Room

Who said a chaise need only look beautiful. Allow it to serve a functional purpose in your living room and add a chaise lounge to increase the seating in your lounge. Pair it with complementary couches and create a unique ambience with your favourite chaise as a showpiece in the room. It will certainly add a little luxe living to your space.

3. Add A Chaise To The Bedroom

A chaise lounge does not have to be limited to the living room. In fact, you can create a comfortable space in your bedroom and add a chaise to elevate your bedroom design. Position it near a bedroom window and create a beautiful reading nook, or add a chaise to the end of your bed as a statement item to help anchor the style of your entire master suite.

Check out some of our favourites from Topolansky:

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