The Hunt Is On For The Perfect Coffee Table

Coffee tables comes in all shapes and sizes, finishes and styles. When it comes to beautiful contemporary coffee tables, we are in love with the modern look with a mix of fabulous materials that add shine and elegance to the living room.

If you’re hunting the perfect coffee table, have we got some amazing options for you.

Size is everything

The perfect coffee table with fit beautifully into your living space. So, measure up. You don’t want a coffee table to dominate the space. There should still be enough space to move around the piece and offer versatility for everyday use.


We are in love with some of the modern styles on offer today. From beautiful nesting tables to round, square and linear designs. The style of your perfect table should complement the overall look of the room and work as a feature – not an afterthought – in your lounge.


Modern tables boast an array of wonderful materials – think wood, metal, wire and even stone for a stylish finish. We love the use of mixed resources in the perfect contemporary table. A touch off gold adds a certain level of luxe living while a beautiful tabletop creates a statement of style in the room.

Here are some of our top choices for the season:

Remember, styling your coffee table is just as important to maximise your investment. Here are our top tips for styling your perfect table:

  • Say goodbye to clutter. Carefully select only the best elements to feature on your gorgeous table and pack away any other cluttered elements that will overcrowd your beautiful table.
  • Group items for impact. Create a wonderful display of interesting decor that will work together as a group. Think books, vases and ceramics for added texture and detail.
  • Consider the height of objects. Create contrast and flow by considering the heights of decor for your table. Mix and match items of different sizes and heights to make a real impact.


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