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Aug 17, 2018

Take Your Dining Experience Up a Notch with SHF & My Kitchen Rules

Mealtimes should be a celebration of style, good food and great company – every time. In the dining room, you can create the perfect environment for dining with the right choice of furniture to evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication at home. SHF brings us an amazing collection of dining tables to take your dining experience up a notch!

Let’s take a look at some of Marcia’s favourite dining tables now available from SHF!


Aria is certainly a statement piece. In a gorgeous golden finish, this table will definitely add a glamorous touch to any dining space. Created in India, this table is made from metal and glass and weighs in at a whopping 245kg! Large and in charge, Aria will be a gorgeous focal point in any home.


Add a touch of whimsy and flair to your dining area with Jenga – a statement dining table that seems to have been inspired by the game with the same name. Created locally from metal steel and glass, this table is beautifully intricate and will add a wonderful textural aesthetic to your dining room.


If you’re looking for a modern and sleek look in the dining room, then look no further than Kuma. With a stunning brass base and Aurastone table top, this dining table is available with the following top options: Auracem Cement, Aurastone Granite, Aurastone Quartz and Aurastone Gravel.


Bring a majestic presence to the dining room with Sonata in gold metal and glass. At 3,5m in width, this table is sure to impress with its sheer size and elegant finishes.


Created from engineered oak and intricate leg detailing, Spider brings visual interest and craftsmanship to the dining room. Contemporary and bold, this table is available in a range of colour options to suit your style.



As the name suggests, Stealth is a table that evokes a sense of secret strength and poise. This gold and almond dining table is sleek with streamlined edges in a dramatic gold finish, to bring a contemporary flair to your space.


My Kitchen Rules South Africa

Now imagine cooking off against random strangers for the ultimate prize! A stylish SHF dining table sure would come in handy to impress your guests! My Kitchen Rules South Africa returns for another season, as amateur foodies compete in teams of two for a cash prize.

My Kitchen Rules South Africa starts with the pressure-cooker Instant Restaurant phase – during which each of the five foodie pairs have a turn to cook and entertain in their own homes, in a bid to impress the judges and their fellow competitors.

At the end of each episode, the guests around the table score the hosts on the quality and presentation of their three-course meal and after the entire table has had their turn, the couple with the lowest score is eliminated.

Don’s miss out on this nail-biting show and find out more here.

You can also shop the look with a stylish new dining table from SHF.



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