Style The Perfect Ethnic Chic Interior with Kare Design

Ethnic chic is big right now – from bold ethnic hairstyles to fashion, interiors and more. Kare Design shows us how to embrace the look with tips to styling the perfect ethnic chic living space.

    Raw textures and mixed media

Select an eclectic blend of materials that add texture and aesthetic quality to your ethnic chic interior styling. A gorgeous hide rug (1) will add authenticity and ethnic flair to any living room or even the bedroom. Incorporate a mix of fabrics and materials such as leather, cotton, wood and more for a perfectly styled ethnic chic room. Lambskin (5 and 6) rugs are great for creating a layered textured look in your space.

2. Vintage Flair with a Quirky Twist

Vintage furniture items may do the trick to enhance your ethnic chic interior. Reclaimed wooden furniture could work wonderfully, or invest in quirky or eclectic choices that become a wow factor in your space. Kare Design’s Quinta Dresser and Drawers (3 and 7) will add a textural quality to your space and include those warm brown and neutral tones that will help to enhance any ethnic chic space. This is a charming and appealingly designed chest of drawers with a fine vintage flair. It boasts hand-carved ornamental patterns and a host of individually designed drawers. We love the clear and modern design.

3. Invest in Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood is naturally rich and inviting – perfect within an ethnic chic space. Kare Design’s Acacia solid wood stained-lacquered table (2) is a beautiful statement piece, perfect for an ethnic chic dining room.  Hand-crafted, it will infuse your space with true craftsmanship and impeccable design.

Kare Design is sure to inspire your next ethnic chic room makeover. Find all of the featured products available in-store and shop the look with Kare Design.

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  1. i would like to request some prices on your lambskin products – i am a designer based in namibia
    kind greeting melanie

    • Please contact Kare Design direct on Karin Cawthorne she will help you with pricing M x


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