The A-Z Guide to Re-Jigging Your Home with Mobelli

Ever wonder where you could get your hands on an A-Z style and décor guide? Look no further. Mobelli Furniture + Living present this set of guidelines, which is guaranteed to suit a décor novice, as well as a seasoned decorator.

From indoor and outdoor furniture to accessories, and how to incorporate colour into your living space, Mobelli co-founder Alon Sachs tells you exactly what you need to have when decorating your home.

Accessorising your indoor space

No indoor living area is complete without the right accessories for that true statement of style. These add a touch of finesse and simply enhance the area with very little effort.

Being outdoors

Winter won’t last forever, prepare for those warm days on the patio soaking-up the sun while and seated on an elegant sofa. And the best way to complete that stylish outdoor space is with a selection of suitable furniture that looks appealing and is comfortable and practical too.


Whilst it’s still a bit chilly outside, bring on the hot cocoa, grab a good book and get comfy on a sofa near the fireplace. So take cosy indoors by adding a modern day indoor masterpiece to the lounge for extra comfort.

Dining hassle-free

Choosing the right pieces of furniture is key to ensure entertaining remains hassle-free. So, complement big spaces with a large dining table and bench, and for those smaller spaces consider shape-shifting furniture, or more compact seating options.

Easy living

No one enjoys spending hours getting furniture cleaned after a party on the patio. The solution is simple – opt for furniture pieces you can easily wipe down, and that’s water resistant too. They do exist!

Family time

There’s no need to leave the comfort of your home for a family picnic-styled lunch. Instead, enjoy an intimate farm-to-table styled experience right to your back yard, but make sure the picnic table is big enough for the whole family and a few impromptu guests too.

Going potty

Do you have green fingers? Then get planting and potting, but make sure those pots are stylish and trendy and fits with your indoor décor. And if you aren’t so lucky, get yourself a planter that waters your plants for you for up to 12-weeks; yip it’s possible.

Hanging around

There’s nothing you can’t do in 21st century, including hanging from the ceiling. Surprised? Don’t be, because guess what? Few other things are more comfortable than curling-up in a hanging chair on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Illuminating your outdoors

No, we’re not talking about conventional lighting, but lighting of a different kind. Picture a giant beach ball – illuminated with 16 different colours, imagine that. And if you’re planning a romantic dinner in the courtyard, this lit ball will create the perfect night-time setting.

Just chilling

It doesn’t get more modern than a puffy sofa with a cloudlike appearance, and when you’re getting ready to just chill on a Friday evening after a long week at the office, the sofa must tick the comfy, cosy and visually appealing boxes.

Keeping things a side

Don’t forget the side tables when you’re rejigging your lounge, simply place two of them alongside a sofa with a piece of artwork on the wall above for the “triangle décor trick” look and feel.

Lighting-up your life

You’d be surprised at the statement a lamp with a beautiful shade makes. It adds some visual interest to the room and can so easily and inexpensively be updated to fit changing moods, styles and even seasons. But make sure it fits in with the look and feel of the area.

Mixing materials

Mixing material is right on-trend, and nothing says style better than the well-crafted mixed material coffee table. They’re classy and easy on the eye, get one, we know you want to!

Nesting is nice

The lounge tells a story, and for those wanting to effortlessly create a focal point, why not pair together three nesting tables? This creates the ultimate lounge area in no time.

Outdoor accessorising

Does entertaining come to a grinding halt in winter because it’s simply too cold? It shouldn’t, there’s enough outdoor accessories out there to ensure you become an all-season entertainer. Outdoor rugs, side tables and chairs, even sofas, you name, you’ll find it. It’s sure to make your guests swoon.

Popping the colour

There’s nothing like a pop of colour to add a touch of flair to your home. In fact, the use of colour is essential to add personality to the room. But steer clear of colours that clash and you could enhance your indoor space in no time.

Quaint corners

Sit back and relax on a comfortable occasional chair, perfect for that reading nook, or for your quiet corner in the lounge. Pair it with a side table on which to rest that cappuccino and you’ll be set for some downtime.

Ready for more guests

To accommodate the whole family and a few extra impromptu guests, choose an extra-large sofa that can easily be arranged into an L or U-shaped combination for a fresh, coordinated look.

Summer loving

Most of us agree, summer is the best time of the year and quality time with family and friends outdoors is customary. But no patio is summer-ready without the right furniture. So add a sun lounger (or two) and maybe even a daybed for some extra downtime outdoors and your space will be right on-trend.


Eliminate all the clutter around the lounge and get a shelving unit or storage cupboard that will tidy-up the home and in doing so, add a bit of pizazz to your space.

Under the sun

Love having fun in the sun on a hot summer day? Remember, sun protection is crucial and if your outdoor area is not undercover, an umbrella is an absolute must-have.

Vast variety

Contrast is in. To achieve this look pair two completely different pieces together, combine soft and puffy sofas with an armchair with clean lines and add an elegantly designed statement chair or two to the mix.

Warming up

Transforming your outdoor entertainment area into a cosy winter wonderland is absolutely doable, so get a gas heater for a mesmerising ambiance outdoors and a well-lit patio that is guaranteed to keep everyone warm.

Falo & Palermo

eXciting features

Ottomans, poufs and side tables are perfect add-ons to complement your entertainment area and make tasteful indoor features. An ottoman is so versatile that it can double as a footrest and a table – perhaps even as an extra seat too.

Yesteryear’s favourites

Juxtaposing modern-retro is a top design trend this year. But don’t move away from contemporary completely, instead add a retro statement piece to your space to make a styling statement.

Monroe occasional chair & Gramercy side cupboard.

Zesty zones:

Yes, divide large or long living areas into zones and create an intimate indoor setting. Zoning into separate dining, conversational or relaxing areas gives that once wide open space a homely look and feel.

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