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Apr 7, 2019

Store It In Style with Laforma SA

Storage and home shelving need not be boring. Now you can customise your space with innovative storage solutions to suit your personality and add a little spunk to your home. LaForma SA boasts a wide selection of striking shelving and storage to spruce up your abode.

From baskets and custom consoles to bookshelves and wall racks, modern storage options are versatile and here to meet the needs of the individual. LaForma SA understands the desire to create a distinct interior that serves both form and function. Here, contemporary storage solutions include stylized cabinets and interesting shelving options to bring either a modern or quirky touch to your interior.

The Bennet Shelf Metal Red is shaped like an apple. In a red tone, it carries a playful connotation of schooling and can be used as an innovative book shelf or a quirky addition to your bedroom or living space. The kids will also love the quirky look. Similarly, the Eloise Shelf Metal Green is shaped like a green pear – the distinct fruit shape is sure to add a playful design element to your wall.

Contemporary bookshelves are also wonderfully versatile options for a living space. In an open plan living room, a stylish bookshelf such as the Alia Bookshelf or Nagrom Bookshelf can be used to separate clear zones and will also serve as a functional space to store decor, books and more in a modern setting.

When it comes to storage solutions, baskets are a cost-effective, versatile and functional option for any room. Use it to store an excess of towels or laundry in the bathroom, books or toys in a child’s bedroom, throws or pillows in a living room, or linen, clothing, toiletries and more in the bedroom. LaForma SA has a wide selection now on offer, in various finishes, colours and sizes to suit your space.

Let’s face it – modern homes need clever storage options to maximise space. LaForma has everything we could need and more with superior shelving and storage solutions for every room.


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