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Jun 23, 2018

Spotlight: Woodenways

In the furniture industry, wood remains a classic solution. Woodenways is a complete furniture solutions organisation catering to the needs of private clients, decorators and architects. Whether modern, classic, contemporary or country styles, Woodenways have the right pieces for you! We find out more from these experts about the wood they use in the production of quality furniture.

Which types of wood are used in the manufacturing process?

Today there is over 300 species of wood listed. We use Kiaat, Rustic Oak and Sapele.

Are all the ranges available in any of the wood types?

We have designed the different ranges in specific woods, therefore some ranges are available in specific finishes only.

Do you specialise in custom design furniture?

We only supply custom built furniture to larger scale projects. This ensures that our prices are very competitive when choosing a standard item.

Do you use solid woods only?

We use a combination of solids and veneers. We also manufacture a solid wood range.

What is veneer?

Veneer is a layer of solid wood bonded to a surface board – e.g mdf or chipboard

What is the difference between laminate and veneer?

In short, laminate is vinyl with wooden prints on it. (More commonly used in kitchens, flooring and lower quality furniture.)

Veneer, like earlier explained, is solid wood bonded to a surface board like mdf or chipboard. There are plenty of different quality veneers available. We only use high quality veneers.

How do I treat my dark wood furniture?

Our dark wood furniture should be cleaned with a product such as Mr. Min. Spray the product directly onto your cloth and not onto the furniture.

Pop into a showroom to experience their variety of pieces for yourself. Furniture includes those suited to the bedroom, dining room, living room, office, outdoors and more!

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