Spotlight: Pierre Cronje – Craftsmanship and Care

Over three decades ago, Pierre Cronje launched a local business specializing in furniture restoration and fine reproduction pieces in the classic English style.

Being a master craftsman, Pierre established a reputation for his innovative vision which led to a growing demand for high quality, custom designed and hand-crafted solid wood furniture.

“My passion and love of natural, aged timber and its unique character and unpredictability, is a great source of my artistic inspiration. I endeavor to design solid timber furniture in a way which celebrates its raw origin and reveals its authentic beauty in form and finish.”
– Pierre Cronje

Pierre’s ability to incorporate South African heritage in new designs to fit a contemporary lifestyle, saw the business expanding both locally and internationally. Today, Pierre Cronje is widely recognized as being synonymous with high quality craftsmanship and design excellence.

“Mature wood is a rare natural resource and no two trees are identical. Each is unique in its splendour, showcasing its individual journey. Clients often want perfection, but art cannot be perfected. There lies beauty in imperfection,” explains Pierre Cronje.

His love of the raw material and his dedication to producing beautiful pieces are evident.

Pierre Cronje is committed to never compromise the high standards and fine quality of work as well as their design principles and attention to detail.

They rely on artisans being dedicated to their materials and workmanship and continuing the Pierre Cronje tradition. As such, many of the 140 craftsmen at Pierre Cronje’s workshop in Cape Town are apprenticed by master artisans.

Pierre Cronje has indentured more budding craftsmen than the rest of the Western Cape furniture industry combined. Aspiring artisans with requisite background skills in joinery, are each apprenticed to a master artisan who oversees the honing of their skills.

A two-year learnership, including viable in-house learning at our factory in Cape Town, combined with professional aptitude improvement at various educational institutes, finishes in the honouring of an industry-perceived endorsement after fruitful three-level capacity testing.

At Pierre Cronje, they transform and reveal new beauty in form and finish, sourcing entire trees from sustainable forests and sawmills around France and Knysna.

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