Sofaworx: Tips For Styling Your Dining Room

Decorating your dining room can be quite overwhelming if you have too many ideas and don’t really know where to start. Here we share some great ideas for creating an inviting designer space that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

    Start with the table.

Choose a table that will fit the dimensions and style of your space. Whether classic wood or a modern metal and glass table, your table will be the feature in your space so be sure to choose something that will work for your family and in the dimensions of your chosen space. Our top choices from Sofaworx include the Marley Dining Table and Maison Dining Table – each with their own unique style to bring a touch of elegance to the dining room.

2. The seating

Next, pick out dining chairs that will comfortably seat your guests around your newly purchased table. Comfort and style is important here but so is size – you don’t want oversized chairs that will overcrowd your table and make for an unpleasant and uncomfortable dining experience. We love the Presley Chairs in white and grey from Sofaworx – ideal for the dining room!

3. Storage and furniture

If space permits it, incorporate other furniture into your dining room to complement the look and provide much-needed storage. Side servers and cabinets are ideal for housing crockery and the essentials you may need for pulling off a memorable dinner party. Be sure to choose pieces that will fit into the dimensions of your space. When shopping for a server or sideboard, select a piece in the same style as the table and chairs to prevent a clash of styles.

4. Lighting and ambience

Create a soft and appealing look in the dining room with carefully selected lighting. A bold chandelier above your dining table may add drama to your space, but equally appealing, a simple light pendant may add elegance and much-needed illumination.

Shop the look at Sofaworx.


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