Sit Down with Diabla

There are chairs for all occasions and situations within the Diabla catalogue: from stylish, casual laid back collections to dining table chairs, stools, foldable options and even rocking chairs, all however featuring an atypical and unique design approach. Inspirational designs for daring, colourful and creative spaces.

Diabla makes the ideal products for outdoor living enthusiasts like us, with a free and easy, cosmopolitan approach to outside environments.

They form part of GANDIABLASCO, a Spanish company with close to eight decades in the contemporary design business that’s putting all its experience behind Diable in this challenge.

Their designs are intended for a creative outdoor lifestyle, for bold, stylish, colourful people with a zest for life. Distinctive ideas with imaginative, intelligent details, not suitable for drab settings or dull people. As you may have noticed by now, Diabla is very serious about colour!

If all this sounds good to you, that’s because you’re a little bit Diabla yourself…

Diable isn’t suitable for conventional tastes… it’s free and easy, original, witty.

Its products aren’t afraid of colour or of experimenting with shapes and materials, exploring new lifestyles or turning existing notions upside down.

Discover it! Visit Diabla for more.



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