SHF: Decadent Dining

Between the earth and the deep blue sea, between love and war and breadth and versatility, lives a collection that whispers for you indulge in its ideas of intricacies and simplicities. This is where we slot SHF’s decadent dining collection into: a balance of intuition and design.

SHF: Decadent Dining

To begin, we ask: why don’t we ever truly credit the mastery of a vase. Often out mastered by the floral bouquets we insert into them, we never highlight the weight and quality and colour variation that goes into these pieces. SHF presents the Ikat Jar, the small Phalaenopsis Botanic, the Batik Jar and Tropez Cylinder Vase, all bringing character to any shape or space they fill. Their Petite Trestle dining table is the showstopper of the collection.

Bold in scale and rich in character, using selected aged oak and cants which are aged by nature’s elements creating natural cracks and imperfections authenticating each piece as one of a kind. The piece has a nostalgic element, as if it has led many lives before this unveiling, an old soul if you wish. Our desires definitely lie within the sprocket wall clock, a true gift to the home and mankind, seeing the time pass through this design is infamous and endless. How can you not lose yourself in its influences and contemporary standards?

SHF: Decadent Dining
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