Roche Bobois: The Essence of Shapes

We are delighted to share with you the latest Roche Bobois 2019/2020 Spring-Summer collection. It is a celebration of the essence of shapes; its intrinsic and opulent form.

This season, Roche Bobois explores the true essence of forms. New creations play on
curved and sharp lines to create sleek pieces (such as the Cascade cocktail table) and
more elaborate ones (such as the Girasol table with its 16-sided base).

Design after design, the 2019 collection unveils a series of lines, squares and polygons that echo the geometric shapes that structure interior spaces. It also embodies the stimulation of the creative mind by new digital capabilities, which allows new and complex forms to be developed such as the winding base of the Serpentine table.

Through this diversity, Roche Bobois brings to life a collection shaped and inspired by
underlying geometries.

Introducing the new release of the “Informel” line, designed by Hans Hopfer in 1981, the bold reinterpretation of the drawings from the illustrious Jean Cocteau as well as the successful collaboration with haute couture house Christian Lacroix.

This together with the Exclusive creations – such as the Homepage sofa by Antoine Fritsch & Vivien Durisotti; make the Spring/Summer 2019-2020 collection unmissable.

Browse through the newest collection and find bold and unexpected combinations that are a result of this celebration of forms.

For Roche Bobois, comfort is about more than a physical experience, aesthetic also comes into play. Physical comfort is always key, with sofas designed for the well-being of those who curl up and get cosy.

However it is brought to another level by visual comfort when corners are rounded out to soften an interior.

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