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Jan 31, 2019

Raise Your Legs Like You Just Don’t Care – The La-Z-Boy Way!

Motion furniture is one of the hottest furniture trends at the moment, and there are no signs of its popularity abating. It is easy to understand why it is so monumentally popular – it is comfortable, practical and these days, it is super stylish as well.

Says Claire Gibson from leading motion furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy: “The trend towards open-plan living spaces means that consumers are looking for furniture that is less formal and supremely comfortable, but still eye-catching and stylish. Modern motion furniture such as seating from La-Z-Boy for example, ticks all these boxes.” She offers an overview on some of the latest and hottest trends in motion furniture today:

Fashionable upholstery: Claire says that trends are moving away from the drab tones of yesteryear: “Colour is a big thing at the moment. In the past, the market was saturated with beige, tan, brown mono earth tones, but now there is a shift towards bolder and brighter hues. As such, today’s recliners and motion suites are available in a wide selection of colourful, yet durable upholstery options. Don’t get me wrong however, the easy-to-maintain and luxuriant feel of microfiber suede, and the durability and rugged comfort of genuine leather remain popular choices – but they too are being spruced up using brightly coloured and textured scatters. For those on a budget, faux leather upholstery is a major trend – and with consistent advances in technology, it is often difficult to tell the fake leather apart from the genuine article!”

Downsized styles: According to Claire, up until fairly recently, when it came to motion furniture, the bigger, the better. However, there has been a shift away from large format seating, towards smaller, more streamlined designs: “Smaller scale is an enormous trend at the moment – many consumers don’t have a lot of room in their homes for oversized seating, so we are seeing a major move towards smaller scale motion furniture, such as the La-Z-Boy® Urban Attitudes range for example. Just because your living space is small, does not mean that you have to compromise on comfort and style! To this end, ‘wall-hugger’ incliners are also becoming increasingly popular – the seat moves forward when it reclines, allowing the chair to be placed right up against a wall.”

All is not what it seems: Many of today’s recliners don’t even look like motion furniture – in fact you will often be surprised to find out that what seemed like a static lounge suite often offers reclining capabilities, says Claire: “Motion furniture is now available in a plethora of various styles and designs – whether your style is sleek and streamlined, soft and plush, or modern and minimal – there is most certainly a recliner out there that is perfect for you. In fact, many world-leading manufacturers of motion furniture such as La-Z-Boy for example, are making concerted efforts to continue to design motion seating that more closely resembles traditional stationery seating. Power footrests for pieces that don’t recline, is a new trend too.”

Health and wellbeing: The ever increasing focus on health and wellness is a major driver in the popularity of motion furniture, explains Claire: “There are many studies that show that elevating one’s legs takes pressure off your hips, knee and ankle joints, and that it aids with circulation. Getting your legs above one’s heart is also beneficial to your health. What’s great about reclining furniture is that it allows you to stop at any reclining setting. Today, it is not just a matter of being upright or reclined – the back and footrest of all La-Z-Boy® recliners for example, work independently to allow for more than 18 positions of optimum comfort.” She says that lumbar support is another popular driver: “Seating that offers complete lumbar support to your entire body in all positions, even when reclining, is a very popular feature as it has been scientifically proven that this helps to reduce back pain. La-Z-Boy® recliners for example, are sprung for complete body and lumbar support in all positions.”

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