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May 14, 2017

Poliform’s new Mondrian Sofa delights

The humble couch has been around for over a century. First created in 1895 by a Mr Jay Couch, this cosy seating area is still a prized possession in homes around the world today. For many of us, this is the one place where we can unwind and rest our bodies, and minds, after a busy day.

When you are looking for the perfect couch or sofa system, comfort and function are key. You may be seeking something practical in the colours and sizes to suit your space, but ultimately, a luxurious sofa system that offers maximum comfort is always more inviting. This is why we love the all new Mondrian modular sofa system by Poliform. It inherits classic Italian design sensibility while bringing in new prospectives to modern homes. Different from traditional Italian sofas that are set on the ground, the Mondrian Sofa effortlessly elevates itself off of the floor with its signature pronounced feet, creating a play on positive and negative space. Mondrian is the new proposal by Poliform for total comfort in the contemporary living area. A sofa system with a light and sophisticated vibe, Mondrian is open to free stylistic interpretation thanks to the selection of coverings and finishings available in the collection. Offering total compositional freedom, end-users choose their fabric, finishes, even integrated trays and side broads to create smart storage spaces. This is where comfort and practicality meet. Poliform remains on the cutting edge of design innovation as evident in the new Mondrian sofa system. A structure which features an essential design and is conceived to be combined with a wide range of accessories: from different-sized cushions to a selection of armrests and backrests, also available in wood and fitted with shelves.

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