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Jan 5, 2017

Poliform: The Night Collection

Quality and contemporary excellence. Innovation in all its forms, guided by quality and excellence, care and respect for the properties of each material, each type of wood, finish, or surface treatment. Poliform production is based on a culture of “doing things well”, from the initial idea to the finished product, from manual workmanship to industrialised processes, bringing to life day and night solutions with a contemporary feel made of simple lines and calculated proportions, creating a totally balanced look for sophisticated, yet discreet luxury.


  Quality that Poliform furniture spreads throughout the home, excellence that comes from afar, from unique woodworking expertise renewed day after day, while also enhancing the properties of other materials. Knowledge inscribed with innovation and continuous research in a constant effort to improve product standards, including the “intangible” aspects, the ones invisible to the eye but which often make the difference insofar as a sign of attention to detail going well beyond form. Poliform “produces total quality” and expresses it in every item of furniture, system or collection night_collection_2016_web-10 Versatile solutions. The ease with which they can be inserted into any space thanks to their flexibility and versatility, in spite of their strong identity, giving life to different configurations in terms of their dimensions, look and relationship with the surrounding architecture and all its components. Modular systems, upholstered elements, beds and accessories transformed and embellished by new finishes, satisfying all kinds of tastes through a variety of styles and forms in both the living area and the bedroom. night_collection_2016_web-13 The Day & Night Poliform collections are set apart by their personalisation and exclusivity, nourishing a search for style that is always one step ahead of contemporary home interior furniture trends. Coordinated solutions distinguished by strategic combinations, a fusion of styles featuring continuous dialogue and references between the different elements. Natural materials express their exclusivity through elaborated textures, the rigorous forms highlight the essence of the material, the collections explore alternate areas of compatibility to offer turnkey solutions for environments other than the home. Poliform Contract provides a complete response in terms of quality solutions and reliable, accurate services to meet the demands of highly prestigious international projects, giving shape to contemporary experiences and lifestyles. night_collection_2016_web-16 See the range here: Poliform

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